Since 2012, the Chablais territory has been included in the network of European and world Geoparks recognised by UNESCO. Chablais joined three other French Geoparks (Digne-les-Bains Geological Nature Reserve, and the Regional National Parks of Lubéron and Les Bauges). Led by the Inter-municipal Syndicate of Development in Chablais (SIAC) this project aims to highlight the region’s natural heritage. Jean-Pierre Fillion, Chairman of the SIAC, Michel Meynet, Vice-chairman and Martial Dray, Chairman of the Scientific Council, announced with immense pride and satisfaction Chablais’ integration into the network of European and world Geoparks recognised by UNESCO. This integration legitimises Chablais’ exceptional geological riches and rewards many years of hard work.


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    What is a Geopark?

    First and foremost, this is a homestead brought to life by its inhabitants, visitors and local players, where the relation between human beings and the earth is an essential element. A geopark includes a number of remarkable sites (23 sites in Chablais) for their scientific interest, rarity, aesthetic attraction or their educative value. Their interest can also be archaeological, historical or natural. The 23 geosites in Chablais meet the desires and needs of a watchful, more sustainable and authentic tourism, motivated by a return to nature on protected lands. The story is told using informative panels and interactive equipment.

    To tell the full story numerous guides and mountain guides have undergone a specific training programme. 

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