Churches & Chapels

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    Saints Ferréol & Ferjeux Church

    Located in the town centre, in this church you can admire:

    • the Byzantine fresco created by Father Igor
    • the triptych telling the Gospel of Emmaüs disciples
    • a white marble altarpiece given by the Marquise of Havrincourt
    • a painting “A Crucified Christ” given by Napoléon III
    • a painting “Saints Férréol and Ferjeux” by E. le Cygne, a gift from the Princess of Brancovan in 1875
    • a painting “Sacred Heart” by Robin, a gift from Madame Pinard in 1882 (mother of the Marquise of Havrincourt)
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    Saint-Étienne au Domaine de Blonay Chapel

    There are traces of a chapel from the early Evangelization days (around the 6th century) on the shores of Lake Léman. Dedicated to Saint-Étienne (1st martyr), in the 9th century it housed a relic of Sainte-Anne, according to legend it was a reward received by Tristan de la Chapelle, Lord of the Manor.

    Transferred in 1266 by Pierre de Savoie to the Priors of Thonon and Bellevaux, it will then become an integral part of the castle’s history that is constructed in the neighbouring area.

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    Darbon Orthodoxe Chapel

    The chapel was decorated entirely by Father Igor, a world renown specialist in iconography, and his students. Built in the 1960s this orthodox chapel was aquired by the municipality in October 2011, to include it in the cultural itinerary. Currently, the chapel is being refurbished and is not open for visits but it is visible from the outside.

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    Notre Dame de la Rencontre Chapel

    It owes its sober and low-profiled tent shape to the architect Maurice Novarina. It is capped with an imposing copper roof that reminds us of its proximity to nearby campsites. Inside we discover a magnificent altarpiece in polychrome wood measuring 10m by 3m made by the artist André Poirson.

Gardens and Exhibition Spaces

  • les-jardins-de-l-eau

    Pré Curieux

    Sitting on the edge of the lake at the West entrance to Evian, there is a charming colonial style house dating back to 1870. It borders onto a wooded park that spreads out over 3.5 hectares and was restored by the landscaper Laurent Daune. This is a unique site for discovering the beauty of the wetlands. There are visits in an electro-solar powered boat leaving from Évian. Its water gardens were awarded the title, “Remarkable Garden”, in 2005.

    It is designed around various ecosystems: a stream, pond, marshland, wetlands and a delta that shelters wildlife and flora as unique as they are varied. There are a multitude of perennials where amphibians and aquatic insects proliferate.

    Every year new species appear (fire salamanders, green frogs).

    Access is by solar-powered boat only.


  • Monument-Votif-Anna-de-Noailles

    Anna de Noailles Votive Monument

    This small pink-stoned open-top temple includes six double pillars arranged in a circle around a central column hosting a gilded urn and brought together with a conical-shaped roof, similar to a Temple of Love; the urn bears this quatrain, which is the beginning of her famous poem, “Paradise in Amphion” that she wrote especially to be engraved here in her temple: “Stranger who will come when I am dead, Contemplate my Lake Geneva, Let my fervour be, From now on exhorts you, To love what I see”.

    The votive garden (open to the public), goes down to the river edge.

    Following the death of the poet, Anna de Noailles, her friends arranged to have a votive temple built in the Bassaraba Villa gardens (between Evian and Publier), designed by the architect Emilio Terry.

  • galerie expo

    La Cité de l'Eau Exhibition Space

    The municipal exhibition space invites numerous artists, events and cultural attractions throughout the year.

    It is situated inside La Cité de l’Eau sports complex.

    Free entry

    Opening Times:

    Monday to Friday, 2-7 pm

    Saturday 2-6 pm.

    Exhibition programme in progress

  • Barque_la_savoie

    La Savoie Barque

    Discover navigation aboard the world’s largest lateen-rigged sailboat. La Savoie is a replica of a boat built in 1896 at Belote near Geneva by Prudent Borcard for the Peray de Meillerie family where it had its home port. More information on excursions and visits can be found at the Publier Tourist Office.

    More info
  • palais-lumiere-Evian

    Palais Lumière

    Once a thermal spa, this Évian heritage gem houses an exhibition space and an internationally renowned conference centre. Many exhibitions are shown here every year, especially “Lumière! Film Invented”, see it until 6th September 2020.

    Guided tours are organised daily at 2:30 pm. It is also possible to visit the Palais Lumière freely between 10:00 am-7:00 pm (except Monday, where visits are closed between 2:00-7:00 pm).

    There are different price rates. However, for children under 16 years old entrance is free.

    More info

Palais Lumière Prices

  • Under 16-yrs-old

  • free

  • Reduced (students, large families)

  • €8

  • Entry

  • €10

  • Guided Tour (in addition to the entry fee)

  • €4

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